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Energy Investments

We can find and utilize idle
energy potential.

Main activities

We are seeking opportunities in energy markets.

We are seeking self sustainable innovative investment opportunities with high added value, focused on ecology and renewable energy sources, which we bring to the market.

Due to extensive operational and business experience of our team, we can facilitate benefits from operational efectivness of existing energy sources and assets.

We put together a group of small generation assets, which in accordance with the new EU legislation, the so-called The winter package is actively entering the electricity market as an Aggregator of flexibility. In practice, for example, it is a collective reduction in consumption or a change in production for a group of smaller generation assets. As an Aggregator, we merge and manage small producers and place their flexibility on the market.

We are ready to provide the expertise of our team for regulatory, technical, operational and business consulting in the energy sector. We specialize in the areas of energy portfolio management, hedging strategies, preparation of documents for regulatory filings, but also in the design of technical solutions in the field of flexibility provisioning and ancillary services.

We trade electricity, gas and EUA on European markets, we can arange the purchase of electricity according to customer needs as well as advise on risk management strategy relative to trading of electricity, gas and EUA through our subsidiary ENERGY TRADING COMPANY, s.r.o..

You can achive more with us

Contact us and within a week we will start a discussion on how to enhance your energy management business.

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Why us

Only an experienced, well-regarded team of experts with a strong professional reputation can bring expected results.

Partner for new projects

The knowledge, professionalism and hands on experience of our team of experts can anticipate and eliminate the risks arising from investment projects.

Customized approach

We tailor solutions to customers needs.

Commodity trading

We can not only advise on how to trade electricity, gas and EUA, but also execute these trading advices on Slovak and European markets.

Aggregator of flexibility

We create a portfolio of small generation assets that have free generation flexibility or flexibility on the consumption side and co-optimize their diagrams.

About us

EIF, a.s. we founded in 2021 by creating a team of experts in the fields of energy and utilities, who have spent their entire professional career in energy sector and their opinion has high credit.


We will become a respected, stable participant on the energy markets in Slovakia and the surrounding countries.


Maximize added value for partners and investors through innovative energy solutions.


We form a team with more than 100 years of aggregate experience in energy sector.


We find solutions where others failed.


We walue our integrity.

Customer orientation

Every problem in energy is unique, so we do not use unified solutions, but offer tailor-made solutions.

Do you want to capitalize on your energy?

Contact the EIF by filling out the form or write to us directly to the given e-mail.